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Short Term Rental Agreement  

This agreement is hereby made between _____________, hereafter known as OWNERs, and _______________________, hereafter known as RENTER. RENTER shall rent the premises at __________________ FL , USA from 4:00 pm (check-in no sooner than 4pm) ________ 10:00 am (check-out no later than 10 am).

  • Rental Payments: The total rent for this Lease shall be the sum of $__________________ US DOLLARS.  This payment is due in full with the signed agreement 45 days before check-in date. If signing date of this agreement is within 45 days of the check-in date above, the rental is due immediately. Cashier check, money order and traveler's check are preferred, personal check is accepted under certain conditions. Owners reserve the right to cancel the holiday if payment has not been received in accordance with above statement. A notify email will send out to remind the renter.

  • Security Deposit: The security deposit shall be the sum of THREE HUNDRED US DOLLARS (US$300.00). The payment is due with signed agreement. The premises shall be reserved under renter's name as soon as the deposit reaches owner. Please note any oral reservation shall not lock up the property. One week after checkout date, the deposit shall be sent back to renter. In case the property has any damage that leads to repair, the deposit may not be fully returned.

  • Lawful Purposes: Renter agrees to use the premises exclusively for a private residence and in compliance with local municipal ordinances, board of fire underwriter's rules and regulations, and for lawful purposes. In the event the premises are used at any time for unlawful purposes, at owner's option, the owner may declare this Lease null and void.

  • Liability for Property Damage: Owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property belonging to renter, members of renter's family, servants, employees or visitors regardless how such damage or loss that may arise and whether such property is contained in the leased premises, or any portion of the premises. Renter agrees to hold owner harmless of any property claims. Owner is not liable for any damage to renter regardless of the cause of damage.

  • Liability for Personal Injury: Owner shall not be liable for any personal injuries sustained by the renter, members of renter's family, servants, employees or visitors regardless how such injuries may occur. Renter agrees to hold owner harmless from any such personal injury claims. Owner is not liable for any damage to renter regardless of the cause of injury. Since the climate Florida offers a tropical climate and everything that comes with it! It is on the same latitude as Bangladesh and Burma and thus insects or bugs feel they have the same right to any property as you! They may appear without warning, especially if any opened food is left around, so you need to bear this in mind for full enjoyment of your holiday. All properties are treated regularly for pest control but insects or bugs etc may still appear. Their favorite time is April through November during the wettest and most humid season in Florida. As home owner as well as local management company, we are not liable for any personal injuries from insects or bugs sustained by the renter, members of renter's family, servants, or visitors regardless how such injuries may occur.
  • Cancellation:
    1. The guests may cancel the holiday booked at any time it has been confirmed. Cancellation must be in writing in the form of a letter or email.
    2. the following cancellation charges will apply to all rental canceled: 
      • Over 90 days prior to check in: deposit refunded minus $50 processing fee.
      • Between 60 to 90 days prior to check in: as the credit towards the house to be used within a year
      • Between 30 days - 60 days: lost of 50% Rental and full deposit
      • Within 30 days: lost of 100% of rental.

    Note: We will NOT keep the deposits/rental fees except the minimum $50 processing fee if the property can be re-rented in any above cases.

    1. Late Check-out: In case the renter(s) need to stay longer than 11 am on check-out date, notice should be given to the owner at least 48 hours in advance.  $ 30 will be charged for 1 hour late check-out, 50 for 2 hours late check-out.
    2. Property Damage to Rental Property: In case the rental property is not returned in its normal condition, wear and tear from reasonable use excepted, based on the inspection report, owner shall supply renter with an itemized list of charges, renter agrees to pay the cost of repair in full, not limited to the deposit amount.
    3. Accommodation: The accommodation provided is only for the use of persons named by the client on the booking form. Subletting, sharing or assigning is prohibited. Any changes to the persons booked to occupy the house must be notified for insurance reasons.
    4. Smoking: No smoking is allowed in the villa. Smokers may do so in the pool/patio area. The will be additional cleaning charge if the client and or guests choose to ignore this condition of booking.
    5. BBQ:isis only allowed in the yard (outside of swimming pool). This condition is strictly enforced. (Community rule). BBQ grill must be cleaned after use. A $20 BBQ grill cleaning fee will be charged if the grill is not cleaned after use.
    6. Safety and Security: Due to State Fire Regulations under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons identified on the Booking Form occupy in the property. Children must be supervised at ALL TIME whilst in the pool area. Glass is NOT permitted in the pool area. The owners, or our management company reserve the right to enter the premises at any time for whatever reason.
    7. Unavoidable Changes: Owner reserves the right in any circumstances to cancel the booking and in this event we will return all sums (but without interest or compensation). In the event of a major change to the booking being necessary, owner will inform Renter as soon as reasonably possible, and if the Renter does not wish to accept the booking on this basis, we will cancel the booking and return all sums (but without interest or compensation)
    8. Website information: All descriptions given on the website are made in good faith, but no liability can be accepted for error or omissions.
    9. Force Majeure: We accept no responsibility for, and shall not be liable in respect of loss or changes caused by Force Majeure, e.g. strikes, Fire, Flood, Closure of Airports, Weather Conditions, War, Riots, Terrorist Activity, or any other event beyond our control.
    ____________________ _______________________________ _____________________________________________
    Date Renter's Signature  Address / Phone # / email


    Rental Booking Form 

    Accommodation details: 

    Arrival Date (at the home): ____________________________

    Departure Date (from the home): _______________________

    No. of nights: ___________ No. of persons:_____________ (no more 10 for 4 Br house or 12 for 5 BR house or 14 for 6 BR house) 

    Details of your travel party (including yourself)

    Title (Ms. Mr. Mrs) First Name Last Name Age if under 30


      Additional Amenities/Services (please check amenities/services desired): 

    Amenity/Service Cost Required
    Crib free  
    High Chair free  
    Stroller free  
    BBQ Grill $45.00/week, keep clean after use  
    Pool/Spa Heating $175/ week  
    Service by Property Manager* $30/visit  

    *There will be no charge if service is necessitated by malfunction or non-function of property facilities or equipment, e.g. water leakage, blocked plumbing, etc. Charge will be imposed only if service is requested due to Renter’s oversight or improper use.


    Signed  _____________________________  Date _____________________________ 
    Name________________________________ (Print